Gorewada Zoo, Jungle Safari & Bio Park. Tickets available online and offline | Call for any enquiry on +91 9356853239 10 AM to 7 PM (Strictly)

All details are provided below of Gorewada Zoo Safari, For any query contact: +91 9356853239

Gorewada Zoo

Gorewada zoo has become the hottest place for the outing, started with Indian safari the zoo is situated at Gorewada-Fetri Road Nagpur. On your 60 mins tour, you will meet Tiger, Leopard, Bear & Other Herbivorous Animals like Deer Nilgai. So if you are planning to enjoy your holiday just check in to Gorewada zoo and have the best in the lap of nature.

gorewada zoo booking
Category / Rates Weekday Weekend & Public Holiday
AC Bus Premium Rs. 300 Rs. 400
Non AC Canter Bus Rs. 200 Rs. 300
Indian Safari Timings (50 Mins to 60 Mins)
08:30 am (AC) 09:00 am (AC) 09:15 am (Non AC) 10:00 am (AC)
10:30 am (AC) 11:00 am (AC) 11:30 am (AC) 12:00 pm (AC)
12:30 pm (AC) 01:00 pm (AC) 01:30 pm (AC) 02:00 pm (AC)
02:30 pm (AC) 03:00 pm (AC) 03:15 pm (Non AC) 03:30 pm (AC)
04:00 pm (AC) 04:30 pm (AC) 04:45 pm (AC)
Monday Closed
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