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Gorewada Safari

Gorgeous Gorewada Lake

Gorgeous Gorewada Lake

GOREWADA, TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH BECOMES; COURT-YARD OF THE "WHITE PEOPLE". During the British Rule 'GOREWADA" was visited by the British Officers & their families from the Central Provinces to enjoy socialize.

GOREWADA is a cluster of a major lake, an imposing jungle with wild animals, a thriving eco-system comprising birds; migrating as well as local inhabitants, and last but not the least a British-promoted, ear-marked, and maintained bio-diversity comprising plants, animals, and yester-years tribal foot-marks in the form of nomadic circles called MINHARS. All these and much more are entwined to create a great get-way of historical and go eco-friendly bio-diversity on the western edges of Nagpur renowned as GOREWADA.

As the dawn strikes, Gorewada comes to life with the lake at the centre and the animal life all around, the breeze & the birds, the bees & the beauty, the chirping of the birds, and loud animal calling envelopes the air through-out during the day. An experience, the visitor is bound to feel empowered while being with with nature and experiencing supreme joy visiting the all-encompassing mountainous range called; Gorewada lake & forest. A British Era dam built by the British Raj is a Jewel-in-the crown for Nagpurians. From where water is drawn for consumption and a livelihood for fishermen. They ply their ware through-out the day in small boats and inflated tubes with their catch & smiles.

Thus, the Gorewada range comprises of a lake, a Jungle, an animal-care facility, two guided “Jungle-safaris”, a lake round-about eco-trail on foot, tagged trees on the route, and a plant nursery comprising medicinal plants. It's usage in treating different illnesses and infection are documented alongside the plants for education and knowledge. of the visiting guests & families.

In the construction of Wild Gorewada, government companies as well as companies such as Essel World Group completed some of the zoo work in the early stages. Nagpur's renowned Ashfaq Ahmed Consultancy Service has come up with a complete design line-up for the creation of the Wild Gorewada Zoo. And its construction was estimated to cost around 392 crores.

The plants are reared & nursed in a bio-dome with green-ultra-violet protective sheeting. Gorewada Lake, jungle & dam complement each other and the merging of these three vitals at one place is what the Gorewada Lake plateau is famous for & renowned for over the years in Nagpur, Vidarbha & Central India.

Thus, Gorewada a Bio-diversity Park or jungle encompass plants birds, and animal life. Wandering in nature around the lake with wondrous greenery, flowers, fall trees, natural walking tracts, flowing streams, and much are there to explore for a memorable outing with family & friends.

The surprises & encounter with the sighting of the wild inhabitants is beyond one's imagination. It is a fulfilling plateau waiting to be explored though-out the year, summer or winter, the Joy of the exploration is manifold, what with an "International Zoological Park" developed by a Singaporean Consultancy also adorning the functioning post-covid with complete esteem & vigours. It is a gated range with trans-located located animal enjoying their naturally aesthetically build open-spaces with the freedom to roam around, mate & multiply, and bring the park to life with their calls, mating or otherwise.

Gorewada, with the induction of this 5S-Crore world-class make-over project known as The-Babasaheb Thackeray & Zoological Park, is drawing a good number of nature & jungle levers to a qualitative time. As you traverse Gorewada Lake and its various attractive features one thing that strikes one and all is its accessibility! It is accessible right next to a motorable road! Not plying through the buffer zone makes it zero time-consuming, and less strenuous and makes a visitor's time more fruitful & nature worthy.

Explore, as you would, the memories are innumerable and right up to the mark, the sight & sound show on the premises, the safari buses with an un-obtrusive sight & sound, and the all-encompassing experience in the Gorewada Jungle is a true invite for a revisit with family & friends.

The earthly feel all around is a bliss nature offers in abundance at the Gorewada range of all-inclusive and diverse eco-system. A natural curated landscape goes hundreds of years through the past existing as it, is truly a nature’s goldmines all set to be explored!!

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